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Careful What You Wish For


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As a photographer, these are the conditions you wish for. Clouds, thunderstorms, sunset between it all in a stunning landscape. The reality is actually quite different, not to mention challenging.

Death Valley in California is officially the hottest place on Earth. This day was 52 degrees celsius (125.6 Fahrenheit).

A summer storm was sweeping over the mountains towards me, causing flash flooding that wiped out some mountain roads, and the wind whipped up a dust storm that would reach me before any of the rain. Dust. Water. Wind. Heat. All bad things for cameras, technology, lenses and people.

You get lucky with timing sometimes… but you have to put yourself in these places during the right time of day at the right time of year to increase the chances of capturing something this special.

As always, the only word I have to describe these moments is…Magic.

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