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Travel Photography - Keep it light!

Travelling with heavy, expensive camera equipment is a pain.

I used to travel with 2 or 3 camera bodies, multiple lenses, full size carbon tripod, laptop, hard drives, cleaning kit, etc etc.  To be honest, if I hadn’t been in a situation to cut down for my most recent trip I still would!

But if you do feel like too much gear will weigh you down, you need to compromise confidently. I know I don’t need multiple camera bodies. So I’ve chosen the lightest. I’ve only brought one lens, the one I figured was the most versatile. A very small mini tripod, and a couple of other bits and pieces.

I’m already amazed at how much easier my life is just transiting the airport. No anxiety around the weight of baggage, everything is lighter, WAY lighter! Sure I’m going to wish on occasion that I had a long telephoto lens, bigger, sturdier tripod and all the bells and whistles... but I know that I can get results from what I have. Being forced to get creative and compromise might actually be a blessing in disguise!

I won’t always compromise my equipment, but I’m looking forward to the challenge of not lugging all that gear around! 

Stay well. 


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