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Updated: May 11, 2020

Taking good photos takes time.

Time to travel. Time to hike and explore. Time to wait for the weather, the sun and the stars.

Taking the time to do all this can be a burden, and it is so much easier to stay in bed than get up at 2am to drive and hike in the rain up a mountain or through a forest on the chance the conditions are just right to capture that perfect image you've been chasing.

But doing all of these things increase your chances. Your "luck." So many people say to me "Oh wow! You got lucky with that shot!" Hmmm yeah I guess I did, but I also drove for 3 hours, hiked in minus -5 degree weather for 2 hours and sat there in the freezing cold waiting for another couple of hours. So yes, lucky, but you definitely need to motivate yourself to take the time to plan, setup, and wait for the "lucky" moment that other people just don't put the effort into capturing.

"I don't have the time" excuse is pretty much just a lazy excuse. I use it myself. But I would've had an extra few hours had I gone to bed earlier and got up at 3am to go and photograph something, rather than sleeping and complaining I have no time. Motivation is the key, and I'm guilty of it myself. Becoming lazy is easy. Finding extra time is hard, but so worth its!

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